£7000 raised by Olivia and Christopher Faulkner

Olivia and Christopher Faulkner ran two half marathons: The Great North Run on 13th September and the Royal Parks Half Marathon on 6th October, together they raised a whooping £7000. Thank you so much to everyone that donated, such an incredible result. This money will go so far at Rise Africa UK.

Rise Africa UK has 38 children at Bright Stars nursery school and sponsors 28 children to go to government and private schools. These donations will help keep these children in school and provide them with an excellent education and a life-changing opportunity.

The success of this fundraising means that, in January, we will be able to accept new starters to Bright Stars nursery school and sponsor children from the nursery to go to private primary school. We have received the applications for new starters at Bright Stars yesterday and we are hoping to accept up to 10 new children. The headmistress has also sent a list of 10 children at Bright Stars that are ready to go to primary school. Rise Africa UK will be making final decisions about who to accept and who to sponsor in early December, and the children will start in January 2014.