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Fund Raising

Some examples of fundraising events include:

Cake sale
Coffee morning
Donation dinner party
Donation movie night
Art auctions
Gig nights
Sports events

Donating Money

A one off donation or a regular monthly contribution of anything from £1 upwards could buy the following:

Uniform £15
Sports kit £15
School shoes £5
School bag £5-£15 depending on quality
50 pencils  £1.50
Stationary (exercise books, pens and pencils) – £30 per child / year.

Donations would help pay for school fees of the one third of our children that do not have personal sponsors, but who are sponsored to go to good quality schools through the charity, for example, £400 a year for one child to attend private primary school.

 Sponsorship in kind

We have people traveling to Tanzania who can always take light weight items in their luggage.  Some examples of items that are always needed and greatly appreciated:






Arts and crafts

Story books



If you would like to help with any of the above please click on the link below


Our thanks go to our team of helpers that support us tirelessly…….

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