Rise Africa UK Chicken project

The Chicks Are In

Over the last few months, the chicken committee and the builders have been busy building our first chicken house as part of Rise Africa UK’s new initiative, The Chicken Project.

The building was completed on the 28th September and 400 chickens were welcomed to their new home on the 30th September. The chicken committee had their final session of training on how to successfully manage a chicken house as a business and will now take on the responsibility of caring for the chickens.

The chicken committee are a selection of the parents and guardians of the children we sponsor to go to school, who are unemployed and struggle to provide the basic needs for their children. Through the chicken project we are giving them a means to make an income through minimal labour and through being part of a group effort to succeed. The moral already is so high amongst the committee and they are so excited and grateful for this project.

Rise Africa UK will continue to support the project each month until it becomes self-sustainable, where the committee are selling the eggs, covering their costs and taking home the profits. The committee are a close group who share values and we hope this project will bring them all closer.

For more information on The Chicken Project CLICK HERE