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Right Royal Bash

Saturday 19th May 2018

With just three months to go to the big day and as part of our ongoing commitment to Rise Africa UK we (Oli and Charlie Walker) are hosting a very special evening to celebrate the marriage of Harry & Megan…..and of course not forgetting the highlights of the FA Cup Final. 

The evening is called a Right Royal Bash and it is our intention that it will be in every way as good as the one Lizzy and pals are hosting at Windsor Castle! In fact she’s genuinely gutted that she can’t join us by the way. We did discuss it but in the end we were worried the pace may be FAR too fast, and the company FAR too racy for such a gentle soul!!!!

So we have chosen you as our “A” LIST CELEBRITIES and as part of an ELITE GROUP who we want to share in the delighted of this very special evening and to make it a day that will never be forgotten (hopefully for all the right reasons).

On the night you will indulge in a wide variety of delights including;
• Champagne Reception
• Four Course Banquet – Fit For a King!
• 80’s Disco with IBIZA trained DJ “Money Bags Simon”
• Licensed Bar serving selection of soft drinks and fine wines
• Attendance by various (non-animated) members of the Royal Family
• Televised viewing of the key highlights of the day (incl. nuptials & footie)
• Awesome “A List” celebrity attendance with whom you will be able to rub shoulders with freely for the entire evening

So, why are we doing this?
Well it’s very simple! We are looking to raise enough money to buy SIX MILKING GOATS to send to the families of the Rise African program. A milking goat is an incredibly rare commodity in Tanzania, and would make a huge difference to all of these families who enjoy very little pleasure/luxury in their lives. To do that our target for the event is to raise £990 as each milking goat costs around ~£165.

”Our commitment is that 
we aim to fund the entire event through donations & 
using our very best powers of persuasion!”

Which will no doubt involve a very large dose of begging, stalking and cajoling BUT which has also seen us parting with some VERY SPECIAL person effects in order to raise funds. Some are of very special scientific interest and date back as far as 2004. Including treasures such as Buzz Lightyear, Harry Potters Magic Wand (slightly chewed at the tip by a starving child) and a 5587 piece LEGO collection. May they all find happiness in their new homes. By doing this, it means EVERY PENNY you spend on the tickets AND the refreshments will go directly to Rise Africa UK. This is a truly fantastic cause, not to mention an amazing opportunity to have an unforgettable evening, in super company and for the bargain basement price of just £25/head…so please do join us!
“SIGN ME UP” ……..I hear you say!
So all you have to do is go onto the “Just Giving website using the link below (Oli-and-CharlieWalker) and you will find a page with all the details about our “Goat-A-Motion” project. When you pledge remember to leave a message to say who you are and how many adult (£25/head) and Under 16 or Over 60 (£12.50/head) places you want to reserve and we will post the tickets to you to present on the day.

We so look forward to sharing this special occasion with you and THANKS for all your support!!!!

With very best wishes
Oli & Charlie Walker.x




Chicken Project Update

Thank you to everyone who supported Rise Africa’s Chicken Project. We are so excited to tell you that the chickens are now laying eggs and the project has become self sustainable. It’s very cold at the moment, so the chickens are not laying to their full potential but they are still laying about 50 eggs a day. We lost a few chickens along the way, and then there were a few more males than expected too, these were sold at Christmas, the money went back into the project and lots of families had wonderful Christmas meals. 

The Chicken group are enjoying the project a lot and they have all been working very well together. They are all so excited about the eggs and are so grateful for the project. The group will continue to sell the eggs to buy food for the chickens and they will share the profits amongst them. They have all been so committed to looking after the chickens despite not getting an immediate return which is wonderful to see.

I will update everyone again when the chickens are laying more eggs, to let you know how the profits are helping the families.

Thank you so much,

Grub Club raises money for raincoats

A huge thank you, to all who attended this week’s Grub Club Cambridge event and in particular those who gave raffle prizes they include:
Foraging Fox,
Kale and Damson,
Simply Good Food TV,
Lilly puds,
Robinson College,
Chapel Down,
Que Rico Tapas,
White Cottage Bakery,
Edible Ornamentals,
Cambridge Food Tour,
Delicatessen Magazine,
The evening was a wonderful combination of delicious food cooked by Master Chef finalist Giovanna Ryan, networking and fundraising. The evening raised enough to purchase raincoats for all the children, so they can walk to school and not be soaking wet when they arrive. A massive thank you from Rise Africa UK.

Grace’s Tennis Challenge

Grace loves tennis so she thought it would be a good way to raise some money to help Rise Africa UK’s  ‘Chicken Project’. Grace is going to hit 300 tennis balls every day for 2 weeks.

If you would like to help Grace reach her target for this great cause you can donate directly to her fundraising page, please just follow the link

JustGiving sends your donation straight to Rise Africa UK and automatically reclaims Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer, so your donation is worth even more.