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Delivering footballs, strips & whistles

Angie, Molly and Ben King organised the most fantastic Andy King Memorial Football Tournament, and they decided to donate the money that was raised to Rise Africa UK; Andy was a great supporter of our work and would be very happy. Thank you to the wonderful King family, with the money raised we were able to buy all of our 80 children, sponsored through Rise Africa UK, a football and football strip to have and play with at home.

We went to the best quality football store in Arusha to make sure that the balls don’t break after a week, we bought 80 footballs and strips, as well as 10 football pumps, and received 80 whistles for free. We then squeezed into the car and then back at the lodge we pumped them all up. We delivered them to the children at school. It was such a great experience giving them all out, all the boys and girls were so excited and happy! It’s the only sport they play out in Tanzania and so boys and girls alike were over the moon, especially to have something to play with at home.

The children in the village don’t have any toys at home and so this made them so happy.

Next year – trainers! 🙂

Thanks so much Angie, Millie and Ben

Art4Africa News

Beautiful surroundings, inspiring art and a chance to help raise funds for Rise Africa UK. What could be better?

From Thursday 16th June to Sunday 19th June 2016 we’re holding a very special exhibition to bring a taste of Africa to Bedfordshire and raise some much needed funds at the same time.

Hosted by Christopher and Amanda, in their lovely home in Keysoe, Bedfordshire, the event offers a fantastic chance to view – and purchase – works from national and local artists and artisans.

The different works will be displayed both inside and outside the house, and will include sculpture, photography, sketches, ceramics, fabric work and animal portraiture. Something for everyone!

The artists will be donating 25% commission on any pieces they sell to Rise Africa UK and we’re also keen to find sponsors to help cover some of the costs, ranging from the printing of publicity materials to the cost of a marquee.

We’re offering a local company an opportunity to host a private clients evening at the event too. So if you are a local business interested in holding a private evening event or if you would like to sponsor a part of the exhibition, please do get in touch with my father, Christopher Faulkner,, tel: 07921 940836 / 01234 708656.

Do visit the Art4Africa website to find out more about our artists – and of course put those dates in your diary and come along an join us in June!



Mosquito Nets

In August 2015, Rise Africa UK provided all 75 children with mosquito nets. Children were missing school because of malaria and when we looked into this further we found that most children either did not have a mosquito net or had a very old one with many holes. So we bought all the children we support a new, high quality mosquito net. When the team distributed the nets they also provided the parents/guardians with advice on how to use them effectively and clearly explained the risks of not using them. The parents and guardians were very grateful.

£7000 raised by Olivia and Christopher Faulkner

Olivia and Christopher Faulkner ran two half marathons: The Great North Run on 13th September and the Royal Parks Half Marathon on 6th October, together they raised a whooping £7000. Thank you so much to everyone that donated, such an incredible result. This money will go so far at Rise Africa UK.

Rise Africa UK has 38 children at Bright Stars nursery school and sponsors 28 children to go to government and private schools. These donations will help keep these children in school and provide them with an excellent education and a life-changing opportunity.

The success of this fundraising means that, in January, we will be able to accept new starters to Bright Stars nursery school and sponsor children from the nursery to go to private primary school. We have received the applications for new starters at Bright Stars yesterday and we are hoping to accept up to 10 new children. The headmistress has also sent a list of 10 children at Bright Stars that are ready to go to primary school. Rise Africa UK will be making final decisions about who to accept and who to sponsor in early December, and the children will start in January 2014.