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An education offers children the best possible start in life by giving them the skills and the confidence to make a brighter future for themselves.

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Rise Africa UK is a small UK registered charity that is making a significant difference to the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged children in the Moshono community, Northern Tanzania, by helping them to attend school and get the most out of their education.

Through sponsorship, free schooling and training programmes, we help children shape a life for themselves where they can fulfill their dreams and escape the vicious cycle of poverty.

At the moment 75 children are attending good quality nursery, primary and secondary schools with our help.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” Nelson Mandela

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The Chicken Project

A new initiative by Rise Africa UK, starting in 2017, The Chicken Project will provide struggling families in Northern Tanzania with the basic start up package to start a business selling chickens and eggs in the local market.

How it works
A group from the community are selected to take care of the chickens. We will build a large chicken house for 400 chickens and provide the food and medical treatment for 6 months until the chickens start laying eggs. At which point, the chicken project will become self sufficient, the group will sell the eggs to cover the costs and will take home the profit.
Initially, Rise Africa UK will provide:

  • Chicken business training – £150
  • A chicken house and feeding equipment – £900
  • 400 chickens at £4 per chicken, – £1,600
  • Chicken food & medical treatment for 6 months – £1,500 (£4 per chicken for 6 months)

We have received initial funding to provide the business training and build the first chicken house, now we need YOUR help to buy the chickens:

  • £8 for one chicken and its food and medical treatment for 6 months
  • £40 for five chickens and their food and medical treatment for 6 months


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If you would like to make a donation please visit our Just giving for Rise Africa Chicken Project page

Just Giving – Chicken Project

There will be 20 members of the community working on the first chicken house, dividing their time so that each person works maximum 2 days a week.
We hope to build more chicken houses so less people can work on each chicken house and earn a larger income as the profit per person increases.

£460 revenue a month
We estimate that 400 chickens will lay enough eggs to generate this level of revenue each month. 20 families taking home £10 per month
With 20 people looking after the first house, each member of the group will take home £10 per month, more than anyone of them earn now.
Their income would double by building a second chicken house
As the project continues the group members will be able to sell the fully grown chickens, buy more young chickens and grow their businesses.
As we build more houses, fewer people will work on each house. Our aim is that each chicken house will benefit 5 people each so that they can take home £40 each a month. Relatively speaking this is a very good income for locals in the Moshono community.

If you would like a print out on information on the Chicken Project  CLICK HERE

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100% of the funds raised and donated are spent in Tanzania and benefit the children directly.

If you would like to make a donation please visit our Just giving for Rise Africa page

Just Giving – Rise Africa


Sponsor a child

We are very grateful to our many personal sponsors but we always need more.

Go to the sponsorship page to meet some of the children who need sponsorship



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